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Yorkshire Born and Baked

The closely guarded secret recipe for Doreen’s Black Pudding was devised by Doreen Haigh here in Yorkshire over 30 years ago. After much encouragement we eventually persuaded Doreen to reveal the exact recipe, the ingredients and the process involved in the production of our now famous Black Pudding. We needed to produce Doreen’s Black Pudding on a larger scale, as single handedly Doreen was unable to keep up with the demand. 

Originally, back in the 80’s Doreen first attempted to make black pudding in a conventional manner, trying to fill long black skins with the mixture, as you can imagine it was a messy business without proper filling equipment and Doreen often ended up wearing and wasting most of it!

Then it was Grandma Dacre, Doreen's mum, who came to the rescue, she explained how she used to bake black pudding in the coal fired range and suggested that Doreen should give it a try. After much experimentation with quantities, ingredients and temperature, Doreen mastered the process and baked large tins of black pudding on a daily basis. Doreen’s Black Pudding slabs were ‘born’. The flavour was much stronger when baked, concentrating the pudding flavour in a very effective way, giving the puddings a much drier, meatier texture and flavour. The unique triangular shape allows the puddings to be eased out of the specially constructed baking tins and this shape has now become part of the Doreen’s Black Pudding trademark, instantly recognisable.

Today the black puddings are still made to Doreen's exact recipe, a carefully selected blend of the finest ingredients available that are then oven baked in the triangular tins. Even though Doreen has now retired she is still very much involved in the process and insists on being our chief sampler to ensure the Black Pudding is still as good as it has always been. If it isn’t up to scratch, Doreen refuses to let anything leave the factory, especially as it has her name on it! She has her reputation to think about.

I hope you enjoy it! We do!